As one might expect, this site contains explicit content and is NSFW. Visitors must be 18 years or older. Guests under the age of majority are, regretfully, invited to try again in a few years.

A Few Additional Thoughts:

1. There is a great difference between what people fantasize about, and what people do. The scenes and situation described on this site are fantasies. I in no way suggest that the reader try any of this at home.

2. Consent is, for me, critical. If a situation arises in one of my stories where consent is in question (fantasies of rape or imprisonment, etc) it is because I am exploring the boundaries of consent. Not, I repeat, NOT because I am romanticizing or condoning sexual violence. (See Number One).

3. I assume that anyone who visits this site is over 18 and therefore an adult. The content on this site varies from the conventional to the less conventional. I trust in the reader’s good judgment – if you find a piece to be distasteful or uncomfortable, I invite you to stop reading. In fact, I urge you to do so.

4. Erotica is fiction. Erotica is NOT a how-to manual. Please do not treat it as such, particularly where matters of BDSM are concerned. If something piques your interest and you want to learn more, please contact me, so that I can point you in the direction of any number of excellent manuals and sources.

5. Sexual taste is as varied as sexual preference. I strive to present various acts and pairings with sensitivity and a dedicated lack of judgement. Again, if something is not to your taste, I urge you to stop reading, (See Number 3). If you want to see something represented in my work that is not on this site, contact me. I’d love to know what it is and how I might represent it.


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