The relationship between women and submission is, at this point, being thoroughly explored in both fiction and nonfiction. As a woman and a dominant, I have this sketch to offer, illustrating the other side of the coin.

Tessa, or The Domme

“…But deep down, you must have fantasies about being dominated. Every woman does, even if we don’t admit it to ourselves, even if you never act on them…?”

Tessa leaned back and sipped her tea. She was tired of the conversation.

“Elsa,” she said. “I fantasize about pulling a heart out of a chest and cupping it in my palm. I dream of holding it so it’s owner can see it pulsing, gorgeous and red. I think about saying, “look, darling! Your heart! Your insides are in my hands.” I dream about being the last thing he sees – my face and his beautiful heart. This is what I want Elsa, so no. I don’t dream of being dominated. Not even a little bit.”

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