Even erotica has it’s taboos – topics that are, generally speaking, not featured in forums that reach a broad audience. These topics range from bestiality and incest to rape and issues of consent.

Consent is a critical aspect of any sexual situation. For me, to act without consent is unethical at best, and criminal at worst.  But within consent there is a great deal of gray area, and it’s those gray areas that I explore in the stories here. (See Disclaimer)

Common topics in the categories of Kink and Taboo are: Incest, Restraint, Revenge, Control, Power Exchange, Bondage, S/m, Dominance, submission, Issues of Consent, Threesomes, Orgies, Voyeurism, Exhibitionism, Transactional Sex, Violence and / or Rough Sex, and Non-Monogamy, as well as various forms of BDSM play.

Because not all of the stories in this tab will suit the sensibilities of every reader, a short note will appear before each, disclosing the kink or taboo featured in the piece. I rely on the individual’s good sense to know whether or not he or she wishes to continue reading. (See Disclaimer). 

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