This excerpt is from the first erotic story I ever published, a romp of a piece called “Proxy”. It Threesomesappeared first in the anthology Threesomes: When One Lover Is Not Enoughedited by Miranda Forbes at Xcite Books. It has since appeared in several additional collections for Xcite. You can find it here, here and here.

From “Proxy”

… Peter watched, fascinated, as Ben brought Michaela right up to the edge, cradling her close as she moved against his hand. Suddenly, she cried out and Ben lowered his head, swallowing the sound with a kiss. A moment later, she opened her eyes. Peter watched Michaela look up at Ben as a profoundly sweet softness lit up her face. Then she gave him a drowsy smile, sank down to her knees.

Ben leaned back, bracing his weight against the desk as she worked him out of his jeans. Then Michaela angled her neck, giving Peter an unobstructed view as she kissed the pearly drops of moisture from Ben’s fully hardened cock. Both men held their breaths. Then, with a distinctly feline smile, she took him down her throat.

Peter knew that his cock was hard – really hard – and that he was stroking it like a friend. He didn’t, however, know that Sarah had come home until she was standing near the bed.

“Here, let me.”

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