The Crimson Bond, by Tamsin Flowers

Crimson BondThe Crimson Bond by Tamsin Flowers. Secret Cravings, (Nov. 2013). Available through Amazon Kindle.

My grandmother was a great fan of what she called  “sensational” novels, meaning novels that are fun, fast-paced, sexy and usually (in her case) covered in images of bare-chested Vikings and heaving bosoms. Not surprisingly, she passed this love on to me, and while I read across many levels in many genres, I always come back to a “sensational” novel when I want to enjoy a bit of sexy fun. The Crimson Bond by Tamsin Flowers is a sensational, “sensational” novel.

The Crimson Bond delivers exactly what it advertises. It’s a tremendously sexy, fast paced romp through the erotically violent appetites of three vampires. Willow, the heroine and the youngest of the three is a sympathetic and likable girl whose most satisfying sexual adventure appears to have been fantasizing about her mysterious professor, Etienne Corbeau. Luckily (or unluckily, depending on your point of view) Etienne is equally fascinated by her. He is also a very old, powerful vampire. And just to sweeten the cake, he’s also married to the beautiful, and equally sexy, vampire, Elouise. When Etienne gets carried and drains too much of Willow’s blood, Elouise turns her to save her life, thus forming a triple, or crimson, bond between the three – a nice little twist on the author’s part, and one that leads to some gratifying complications.

The process of discovery that Willow goes through as she learns not only that vampires are real, but that she is, in fact, becoming one, is what makes this novels stand out from the crowd. Tamsin Flowers clearly, and successfully, created a believable character arc for Willow, one that makes you care about what happens to her. It’s a treat when erotica engages you emotionally as well as sexually, and The Crimson Bond does just that. In fact, the emotional aspect is a critical in how deeply a book engages me.

Creative sex is fun, but tons of creative sex overlaid with tons of emotion (particularly in the lovely scenes between Willow and Elouise) is the gold standard for a satisfying read, and The Crimson Bond was a very satisfying read. I recommend it, particularly if you don’t mind a little vampiric violence in your sex. Whether your cup is tea is M/M/M, M/F, F/F pairings, Tamsin Flowers has it covered. It’s escapist and fun and quite perfectly “sensational.” I do hope you’ll take a peek.

And for more on Tamsin Flowers, do check out her website here.