The Best Medicine

The original version of this story was published as a romp of a story called “Proxy” in the anthologyThreesomes: When One Lover Is Not Enoughedited by Miranda Forbes for Xcite Books. It has since appeared in several additional collections for Xcite.

This version is similar, but has more of an emphasis on how sex plays in the friendship–one of those examples of a different angle on a single story. If you’d like to read the original, you can find it here, here and here.



Malin James

Peter’s sex drive was a miracle to behold. At thirty-two, he’d slept with as many women as the average porn star, not to mention a small but impressive handful of open-minded guys. He’d had lovers of every shape and size in countless positions and places, racking up the numbers like a joyful tomcat. Peter had been fucking since he was thirteen, and there’d been no reason to think this would change…until the accident cut him off, (because riding a motorcycle at 100 mph at night in a storm does, occasionally, have consequences).

To be honest, he’d come out of it lucky—four cracked vertebra and a handful of minor bumps and scars. Unfortunately, that’s where Peter’s luck had run out. Whether from the trauma of the accident or the unending grind of recovery, his sex drive had taken a hit, a seriously big, life-altering hit.

At first he’d chalked it up to surgeries, traction and heavy drugs. After all, that stuff could knock an elephant out—even his libido would feel the hurt. But recently, he’d started feeling better, (as in he could actually sit up in bed). Yet his sex drive still lay dormant, and so did his sweet, sweet cock.

He’d tried the usual fixes—fantasies, porn, memories, (lovingly catalogued), of particularly good fucks—but none of it seemed to work. Thinking that he might need something more concrete, he fantasized about Sarah, his adorable live-in nurse. He imagined her pretty, capable hands stroking him hard, but in the end it got him nowhere. He imagined her straddling him on the hospital bed with her uniform tunic pushed up around her hips, revealing, what he imagined to be, her naturally auburn thatch. Still, nothing stirred. His bottomless well of desire had gone disturbingly dry. Finally, Peter broached the subject with his doctor while Nurse Sarah waited outside.

“Well,” said Dr. Bradley, an aging hippie with grizzled hair and a tremendously kind face, “you’ve endured quite a trauma. It’s normal for secondary functions to take a back seat while the body heals.”

“Dr. Bradley,” replied Peter, scrubbing his hands through his hair, “sex is not a secondary function for me. It’s a primary function. It’s the primary function. If I lose my sex drive, I don’t know what I’ll do.”

Peter, who avoided emotional drama like the plague, heard his voice crack and grit his teeth. Dr. Bradley gave him a sympathetic nod.

“Maybe you could try something tried and true—something that’s never failed, so to speak?”

“I have. None of it worked.”

“Well then, short of medication, the only thing left to try is something completely new.”

“Dr. Bradley, with all due respect, I’m not sure my history allows for something completely new.”

Dr. Bradley smiled. “Well, just give it a shot. If it doesn’t work, we’ll try the meds. Hopefully, you won’t need them.”

Peter gave it some thought while Sarah escorted the doctor out. He went through everything he hadn’t done yet, but concluded there wasn’t much. He’d seduced quintuplets that summer and he’d already fucked a model, (with and without handcuffs and a roll of bondage tape). Outside of a willing young nun, there was only one thing that Peter hadn’t done—his best friends, Ben and Michaela.

Peter, Ben and Michaela had been friends since college, and in the fifteen years of their friendship, nothing had ever happened…except for that once, when what had begun as a drunken wrestling match ended with three of them kissing on the floor. It hadn’t gone further than that, but the thought of Michaela’s hot, swollen mouth and Ben’s dick pressed against his thigh stirred something in him now. Before he could change his mind, Peter picked up the phone.

Of course, when he asked them to come over, both of them said yes.

For the rest of the afternoon, Peter tried to play it cool. After all, it was just an experiment to see if his interest piqued…just a stupid experiment. But his nerves still jerked like a virgin’s when the doorbell rang that night.

“Peter,” Sarah said, in her adorably husky voice, “Ben and Michaela are on their way up. If you don’t need anything else, I’ll go out for a bit.”

Peter’s stomach pitched, but he gave her a grin. “It’s your night off. Go have fun.”

“Thanks. I won’t be back too late.”

Sarah smiled back with a more warmth than was strictly professional. At least, that’s what Peter thought, but before he could process that smile, Sarah ducked out the door and Ben and Michaela walked in.

“Hey, handsome,” Michaela said, dropping into a chair, “you okay? You look kind of awful.”

From anyone else, it would have been bitchy, but from her it was totally sweet. Peter forced a smile and managed a half-shrug.

“Yeah. I’m fine. Sarah’s just cutting back the drugs.”

“And how is sweet Sarah tonight,” Ben asked, setting a bag of Chinese take-out on the neatly organized desk.

Peter scanned Michaela’s body from the lovely peaks of her breasts to the extravagant length of her legs while Ben stood beside her with his hip against her chair. Suddenly, Peter felt the whisper of something he hadn’t felt in months. Not so much a stirring, but the hint of a stirring. It was enough to take the risk.

Michaela cleared her throat as Peter eyed her tits. “Pete? You there? Ben just asked about Sarah…?”

Peter shook his head and found Michaela’s face.

“Sarah…right. She said she was going out.”

“Too bad. She’s pretty,” she said with a wink. Ben rolled his eyes.

“Come on, like you haven’t noticed. If our boy wasn’t recovering, you two would be waging war.”

Ben shook his head. “She’s not my type.”

“Since when do you have a type?”

“I’ve always had a type.”

Ben pushed off her chair and prowled around the room while Michaela uncoiled her hair. Peter listened to their patter, enjoying, not for the first time, how damn good-looking they were. Suddenly, a definite shot of awareness flared up in his groin. Remembering what Dr. Bradley had said, Peter opened his mouth. He had no idea what he was going to say, but he knew he had to say it before he changed his mind.

“Hey, guys? I have a request.”

Michaela smiled. “Sure. Just don’t ask to borrow my underwear again.”

An awkward silence followed as Peter tried to figure out what he wanted to say.

“Seriously, Pete,” Ben said, leaning against the desk. “Do you need a kidney? Because I know Michaela would—”

“No,” Peter said, “nothing like that. It’s just…this is going to sound really out there.”

Michaela, who had a surprisingly tender heart for someone who looked like a Russian spy, leaned over and took his hand.

“Just tell us, Peter. It can’t be that bad.”

Peter took a breath. “Okay. I need you to fuck each other. And I want you to let me watch.”

Michaela opened her mouth, but nothing came out. Ben stepped in.

“I’m sorry, you need us to what?”

Peter closed his eyes. He couldn’t look either of them in the face.

“I need you to fuck each other, and I need you to let me watch.”

Michaela cleared her throat. “And why would we do that?”

Peter recognized her tone—the incredibly reasonable tone that preceded her getting incredibly mad.

“I told you it was out there, but please. Hear me out.”

Michaela crossed her arms as Ben lounged in a chair. But not, Peter noticed, before his eyes ran up Michaela’s long, long legs. Maybe there was hope.

“Since the accident, my sex drive has dropped to zero. It’s not just that I can’t get it up, it’s that I don’t even want to.” Peter paused, both humiliated and relieved. “I’ve tried everything, but none of it’s worked—porn, fantasies, I can’t even jack off. But I remembered that night in college, and now, watching the two of you together…it’s the first time I’ve felt anything in months. I just need to see if I’m ever going to get it back.”

Suddenly, Michaela’s hard edges went soft.

“I’m sorry, Pete. I had no idea.”

Peter looked at her, instinctively aware that Ben’s eyes were still resting on her face. Finally, Ben spoke up.

“I get what you’re saying, man. I really do. But I need to talk to her first.”

Peter nodded. “Sure. Of course.”

Peter watched them slip out. They should probably refuse. What he’d asked them to do crossed a major line, one that had kept their friendship strong for nearly fifteen years. But the way Ben had looked at Michaela, like he was absorbing every inch of her, gave Pete a glimmer of hope.

Peter strained his ears, as the shock of interest that had stirred his cock became something close to a hum. He’d just managed to catch murmurs from the other room when the murmurs suddenly stopped. A long moment later, Ben and Michaela came back in.

Ben looked serious. Michaela was flushed. Then without saying anything, Ben pulled her into his arms. He kissed her, playfully at first. Then his tongue slipped into her mouth and her body sank into his. Peter tensed. They were going to do what he’d asked.

Ben’s hands settled just beneath her breasts, nearly spanning her ribcage as Michaela arched her back. Peter watched, arrested by her response as Ben slowly took the kiss deeper by wrapping his hands in her hair. When Michaela sighed and pushed her hips into Ben’s, Peter was officially on his way to his first erection in months.

Ben unzipped Michaela’s dress while she tugged and pulled at his shirt. She’d only just gotten it off when her dress slipped to the floor, revealing a gauzy bra and gauzier panties and just about everything else. Michaela unbuckled Ben’s belt, but that’s as far as she got before his hand dipped into her panties and began to stroke her sex. She gripped his neck and moaned.

Beneath the covers, Peter’s cock throbbed. She was gorgeous and so was Ben. Even better, they were going at each other like they were half starved…. Peter grinned as Ben brought Michaela right up to the edge, cradling her as she moved against his hand. Suddenly, she cried out and Ben lowered his head and nuzzled her neck. A moment later, she opened her eyes and stared up at Ben with the sweetest look on her face. Then she gave him a drowsy smile, sank down to her knees.

Ben leaned back, bracing his weight against the desk as she worked him out of his pants. Meanwhile, Peter watched, cautiously stroking himself. So far, so good, he thought as he hardened up even more. Then Michaela angled her neck, giving him an unobstructed view of her licking Ben’s cock. Both men held their breaths. Then, with a distinctly feline smile, she took him down her throat.

“Wow. She’s sucking him like a pro!”

Peter looked up, flushed. Lovely Nurse Sarah was back. His hand slowed to a stop.

“Uh. I can explain.”

“Don’t,” she whispered. “Let me.”

Sarah warmed a bit of lotion in her small, capable hands. Then she went to work, stroking Peter’s cock from base to tip.

“Jesus fucking Christ.”

“No darlin’. It’s just me.”

Meanwhile, Ben dragged Michaela into his arms and laid the long, lush length of her down across the desk. Bottles, papers and a bag of take-out tumbled to the floor, but Peter, caught between Sarah’s hands and the sheer hotness of his friends, didn’t care. He watched Michaela wrap her legs around Ben’s waist and press her body into his, while Sarah murmured something he couldn’t quite hear.

The muscles in Ben’s ass tensed and bunched as he lowered his mouth to Michaela’s breast, sucking hard at the nipple through the barrier of her bra. She threw back her head and moaned. She was panting by the time Ben raised her hips and slid her panties off.

“Pete,” Ben said, without looking up. “Tell me you’ve got condoms somewhere in this place.”


Sarah tossed him a condom from her bag without faltering or slowing her strokes. Ben caught it, barely acknowledging her presence as he tore open the wrapper and rolled it on.

“Ben, hurry. Please,” she whispered, spreading her legs wide. Ben kissed her, and thrust in.

Peter listened with half an ear as Ben’s breathing went ragged and Michaela mewled in relief. Then Ben began to move, thrusting deep. Sarah watched him for a moment, then matched her pace to his. Peter’s own hips, immobile for so long, began to move.

“Careful, Peter,” Sarah whispered. “Not too much. I’ll take care of you.”

“Sarah, I need to feel you,” he said, barely hearing himself over the rush of blood in his head.

“All right,” Sarah said with a smile. “Just hold on a sec.”

She leaned over and kissed him, before stepping back to strip. Coat, boots, tights…. Then her panties were off and she was climbing up onto the bed.

“You can touch me, Peter, but anything more should wait.”

Peter nodded. He’d have sacrificed an arm just to feel her creamy skin. Satisfied, she straddled him and pulled her skirt up over her hips. Then she pressed her pretty sex against his cock.

On the desk, Ben and Michaela drove into each other, while on the bed, Sarah began to stroke him off again. Peter closed his eyes, aching for release, but Sarah was drawing it out, letting him enjoy while they watched the Ben and Michaela show. But then Peter’s attention had shifted. With Sarah straddling him like a boy’s wet dream, he wanted nothing more than to see more than to see her come.

He placed one hand on her hip to steady her. Then he slid his fingers into her slick, ready cunt as she arched her back and sighed. Peter paused and let her get used to him before he began to move, stroking the internal length of her clit while he thumbed the swollen nub. She whimpered and jerked her hips, but even as she toppled headlong into orgasm, she continued to stroke his cock, matching her movements to his.

Peter grit his teeth as Sarah’s pussy clenched around his hand. He wanted to wait for Ben and Michaela, but he was getting painfully close. Luckily, he didn’t have to wait long.

Moments later, Michaela cried out, clutching hard at Ben’s back. The second she started to climax, Ben let himself go and followed her over the edge. Then, as if she’d known what he’d wanted all along, Sarah pressed the base of Peter’s cock, gently massaging his prostate through his thin, sensitive skin. Peter closed his eyes and came in one massive gush.

When Peter opened his eyes, Ben held Michaela in his arms.

“Well, hello Sarah,” Michaela said, as if they were meeting each other for tea. “How have you been?”

“Very well, thanks. How are you?”

Peter looked up at Sarah’s pretty, flushed face and manfully cleared his throat. “Sarah came home early.”

Ben lifted a brow, managing, somehow, to look suave bent naked over a desk.

“Lucky for you she did.”

“Lucky for us both,” Sarah said, smiling smugly down at Pete. “I’ve been wanting my hands on him for ages.”

Michaela grinned. “Well, thanks for the condom. You’re a lifesaver.”

But Sarah was busy stroking Peter’s hair. Vaguely, Peter saw Michaela give Ben a look.

“Okay,” Ben said. “I think we should go.”

Peter watched Ben help Michaela down, then draw her close. Even rumpled and post-coital, they looked seriously hot.

“Satisfied, handsome?” Michaela asked.

Peter glanced at Sarah, who had folded herself up on the bed. “Yes. I’m satisfied.”

“Good. Glad to help. Ben will you drive me home?”

Ben cocked his head as a thousand emotions played over his face. Michaela leaned in and gave him a very sweet, very serious kiss.

“Ben, will you drive me home so we can fuck each other all night?”

“Well, sure, Michaela. Of course.”

Ben and Michaela gathered their things and dressed in under five minutes, stopping only long enough to pick the food up off the floor.

“Here you two—dinner… maybe for later,” Michaela said, as Sarah pressed her adorable mouth down the length of Peter’s throat. Peter waved and watched them leave. Friends really were the best medicine.


                                                THE END

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